Soul & Sharp - Adjustable Closet Organizer

A simple and practical adjustable  shelf that you can use for storage and as a display shelf.

With a wall shelf, you make the most of the wall area, while freeing up space on the floor.

The wall shelf has one one full and one extendable side,  so you can choose the side you want facing the room depending on which of the two different styles you like the most. Either way, both faces are identical 

Think of aby space in you house which could be a beautiful shelf like this 

You can adjust this shelf to exactly the length you need and use GRANHULT bracket supplied in the kit to lock the edge. Resulting into this :)

Made of high density High-density polyethylene, study, renewable and separable material.

Finally! You can turn your over spaces into a mini word-robe, perfect for students and youths. 


The shelf carries a max. of...62lbs

Max. load refers to the max. weight before the shelf is risking to slant. Distribute the weight evenly on the shelf to avoid the risk of slanting.


Care Instructions:

Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.



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