SOUL MOP™ - Daris Edition

The Only Mop You'll Ever Need.

When you need to clean your floors in a hurry, our Hydro Mop™ takes the hard work out of getting into those tricky spots.

The 100% microfiber head locks in dirt like a magnet and is machine washable for convenience when you're done.

Far quicker than a traditional mop and bucket, this household essential features a swivel head for hard to reach places, and is suitable for use on most hard flooring surfaces.

Throw Away Your Dirty Old Rag Mop.

One of the biggest disadvantages to rag mops is that they are more difficult to maintain, they tangle and disintegrate fairly quickly and loose strings fall out of the mop head and get left behind.

There's no way to reattach these strings so over time your mop may show signs of balding and stop cleaning as efficiently.

Don't even get us started on the smell from all that fungus and bacteria!

Why Hydro Mop?

  • Saving You Money - Typical mop buckets can hold up to 5x more water and cleaning products than are actually required. Our special detachable cleaning pod hold just the right amount to get the job done. You can even add your own cleaning liquid to it for a more impressive clean. Great for the environment and great for your pocket!
  • 100% Microfiber Cloth - Traditional mops spread wet dirt and old disintegrated strands around your home meaning it takes you even longer to clean. Our Microfiber technology locks dirt in like a magnet guaranteeing a sparkling clean floor with no loose ends!
  • Machine Washable - Unlike traditional mop heads that you can wash our patented microfiber cloths in your washing machine so every clean will be a fresh as the first one.
  • Swivel head- Stop straining to get to those hard to reach places. The swivel head of the Hydro Mop twists and turns allowing you to clean all over your home with ease.
  • Two Piece Design - The Hydro Mop splits easily into two separate pieces making it perfect for storage in small places.
  • Suitability - Perfect for wood, vinyl and tiled floor surfaces.


Why Microfiber?

Microfiber mops actually have some significant advantages over both cut-end mops and looped-end mops. The microfiber material is much easier to keep clean than the aforementioned mops, so it is a more sanitary option. Other types of mops have the tendency to become moldy after being used for long periods of time. This usually ends up with you having to throw away the mop heads and then being forced to buy new ones.

If you own a microfiber mop, then you will be able to simply clean and reuse the microfiber mop head many times. They can be washed over and over again without degrading. Even if you wash a microfiber mop hundreds of times, it should still be in great shape and will be ready to help you complete your cleaning task. This makes it one of the most cost-effective methods that is available to you.