Baby Instant High Chair

Think of yourself going for a holiday or just for a day trip with your baby; you would want to have the best time out. You don’t want to be struggling to feed your wiggly baby or your active toddler. You want the easiest eating experience with your baby even if you are indoors with the family. comes the solution. The Instant high Chair.

Note they are not sold in stores, solely designed and Patented. 

These high chairs can be used on empty adult chairs by snapping them on the chairs to snuggle up to your baby. It works in a similar way to a seat belt. They are very reliable since they help to keep the baby firm on a chair and in place. These types of high chairs are also called wraps.




Can be used in all types of Adult chairs, eliminating the need for an extra baby chair


So...grab one for your baby, set it up as instructed and Enjoy!